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Summer Pool Party ELIAN Jan 2005
September 11, 2014 12:02 PM PDT
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Remembering Paseo Uno LOUNGE. Elian. Episode 72
May 30, 2014 10:25 AM PDT
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Before MUSIC AND WINE, before MyHOUSE, there was Paseo Uno LOUNGE, the pool party at the Mandarin Oriental Manila organized by yours truly. Today, we celebrate its 10-year would be anniversary as we learn of the closure of the magnificent hotel. For those who lived through its year of unparalleled success, and the wonderful memories that were made, here's to taking chances!

This mix is called "Chill House with an Attitude"

APSARA a.k.a. Mari Furuya (San Francisco) Episode 71
May 08, 2014 04:33 AM PDT
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DJ Apsara dropped by Manila recently, performing at Club TIME next door to Chihuahua. The Tokyo-born San Francisco-based Mari Furuya rocked it, as expected, and people are still talking about it today. Here's her latest mix on the tech tip.

Get more Aspara info at the beautifully laid out www.djaspara.com




jojoflores live at Cubo, Bulgaria - Episode 70
March 19, 2014 11:52 AM PDT
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Jojo Flores has been up to a whole lot since his last appearance on the show two years ago. It was right about that time he was visiting Manila and having dinner with us at Sugi. Flores told us then about this new thing he had launched.

He called it PEOPL. A Sunday afternoon party that was different. "It's people without the 'e'," he said. It seemed only a few months later that we first heard about this new club that would emerge with the same name: PEOPL. It turns out Flores convinced the owners of club UN, where the weekly PEOPL. party was taking place to reopen the club destined for closure under its new name, and to bring him in as an active investor.

The club would embody the same virtues that had made the Sunday party such a success. "It was for our people," says Flores. It was for the real lovers of music that come out just to listen and get lost in it, that "lose and refind themselves in the music." It was different in that it didn't attract the weekend crowd that may be there for the wrong reasons.

The new club features paintings on the walls made by local artists that were for sale, it holds a yoga class every Tuesday evening, it even presents live jazz shows. It's a "boutique" club, according to Flores.

Club PEOPL. turned one a few months ago. Here's to vision!

Peter Borg (London, UK) Simply Salacious - Episode 69
February 14, 2014 10:34 AM PST
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He's one of London's hardest working DJs, and he's back on the show, this time with his highly acclaimed December 2013 music mix.  

And if you like what you hear here, catch Peter Borg on his weekly radio show Tuesdays from 7-9pm GMT on Mi-Soul.com and on all social media at peterborgmusic.  Here's the playlist!

1. Fall For You - Kings Of Tomorrow 

2. Stop the world -Tarantulaz ft Renn Washington 

3. Falling in love - DKSF Audio Ft Naomi Mogg 

4. Taxi - Lieutenant Grey ft Surmayi 

5. My Baby - Soulful Session Ft. Leanne 

6. You - (Deep Roger Remix) - Raheem DeVaughn 

7. Alone Together (Gruvhunter Beatdown Remix) - Daley ft Marshia Ambrosius 

8. Double Trouble (Wipe the needle remix) - Circle of Funk ft Lifford and Natasha Watts 

9. If you take my love (Booker T remix) - Kings of Soul 

10. Let's Stay Home (M&S remix) - Frankie Knuckles pres. Director's Cut starring Inaya Day 

11. Hallelujah anyway (David Penn mix) - Candi Staton 

12. The Word Is Love (Alfred Azzetto Classic Re-Work Remix) - Steve Silk Hurley Ft Sharon Pass 

13. I Need You (Muzikman Edition Remix) - Kenny Bobien & Jose Burgos 

14. Step Up - Jamie Lewis & Michelle Weeks 

15. Façade (Danny Clark Vocal Mix) - Neil Thompson & Nicole Mitchell

Sammy Rock (Cyberjamz.com, NYC) - Episode 68
January 25, 2014 12:24 PM PST
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I can't tell you how excited I am to publish this week's mix.  And you wanna know who spins it?  Sammy Rock.  That's right, as in Cyberjamz.com's own Sammy Rock from the Bronx.

If you only knew how critical Cyberjamz has been to my personal development as a DJ.  I happened by Cyberjamz over 10 years, possibly by linking through the online magazine www.undagroundarchives.com about NYC's house scene, run by photographer Donna Ward, who used to organize the annual Choice Awards (the scene's Oscars).

The station was quite impressive.  It had a strong line-up of radio programs scheduled at different peak listening hours of the day.  7-9pm Master Kev's Yo Sessions.  10-12pm Sunday School by Keith "Porterhouse" Porter. 9-11pm The NuBang Clan Sessions.  We're talking 10 shows a day, seven days a week.  These were live shows broadcast weekly, jam packed with good music, rarely ever repeating a track from one week to the next.  This is when I discovered DJs like Camacho, Carlos Sanchez, James Vincent, Donna Edwards, and Ruben Toro.  This is when I first heard about Robbi The Promoter. This is when I learned about the Jersey DJs.  There was even live chatting.  You'd read things like "just got home from the Shelter, Timmy killed it tonight" and "I like what he did with Sandcastles on that long transition..."

One show I used to listen to often was called "Soul Expressions" by the station founder and manager DJ Sammy Rock a.k.a Soul Oasis. "Soul Expressions on Cyberjamz dot kEm," Sammy'd say.  He'd get on the mic and talk about anything from last week's events, to how his birthday party went on Tuesday night, to what to look forward to that upcoming week.  I'm telling ya, it felt like I was right there in the middle of the scene.  It felt like I knew about as much as anyone else attending these parties from one week to the next.  (P.S. This immersion came in handy when I was invited to present an award at the Choice Awards 4.0 in 2005, when Cyberjamz was voted best online radio station.  That night I met in person many of the people I'd heard about through Cyberjamz and similar sites like GrooveParlor.com, DeepHousePage.com, HandzOnRadio.com, etc., like Jovonn, Cordell Johnson, Ed DunnDanny Krivit, Quentin Harris, Kevin Hedges, Anane, Stephanie Cooke, Jada, Tommy Bones, Andre Collins, Bruce Tatum, and Josh Milan.)  

Back to the radio station.  The music was just phenomenal, and consistently that way.  I spent countless hours listening and internalizing this music, so much so that it became part of me, part of who I became. 

And here we are 10 years later, I am completely filled with pride as we introduce Sammy Rock on the show for the first time.  Here's a commercial-free "House of Soul" fresh music mix.  Hope you're wearing comfortable shoes!

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Be Who You Wanna Be - Elian (MUSIC AND WINE) Episode 67
January 12, 2014 11:27 PM PST
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It's a new year. A time to set our sights higher to make this one of the best music podcast programs you can get your hands on. As it enters its 5th year, MUSIC AND WINE Radio is expected to publish this year music mixes by over 50 of house music's top DJs from the Americas, Europe, Africa and, of course, the Philippines.

And to kick off this commitment, a 90-minute set by yours truly of strictly new music. Let's go!

Halleluah Anyway (Larse Vocal Mix) - Up by Logitech

Revival V3 - Cuts Deep & Martine Girault

Follow Me Aly (Main Mix) - Us Matthew Bandy and Toni Economides Pres. Xakosa

Like Rain (Main Mix) - Dom Navarra feat. Cairo

Think About (Kupper's NuDeep Remix) - 95 North, Big D, Eric Kupper

Just Say Yes (Mirco Esposito Remix) RaShaan Houston & Mr Egg Germ

Devotion (Bam Bam's House Mix)

Keep On Steppin - 4.The Playerz (DJ Romain, Vincenzo Siracusa)

Butterflies (The Layabouts Vocal Mix) Reel People, Dyanna Fearon

Keep On Wondering (Original Mix) - DJ Fudge

Top Of The World (Original Mix) - Sonny Fodera & Kevin Kind

Keep Moving (The Sophisticado Ext Vocal Mix) Nicole Mitchell

Wanna Be (Rancido's Traveling Soul Mix) - Cee ElAssaad & Heidi Martin

Libre La Vida (Supernova Remix) - Danniel Selfmade, Charlie Demir

The Message (NYC Philly Tribute Mix) - Oscar P & C. Scott

Circles (riCkY inCh Vocal Mix) - Kimara Lovelace

Catch Ines and I, Elian, at RocketRoom this Saturday January 18 starting at 8pm!

Eman (NYC) Liberate Recordings: The Abstract - Episode 66
January 05, 2014 01:11 AM PST
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Let's start the year on the right foot with what Liberate Recordings' Eric "Eman" Clark calls "tek house done right". Tracklist to "The Abstract" mix:

1. Mahogany - Black Moodyman

2. Iseethroughyou - The Rurals

3. Koppabird - Dale Howard

4. Gone - David August

5. Boom! - Wbeeza

6. Clouded Vision - Nico Lahs

7. Speaking to the Ground - France Deep

8. Detroit Baby What- No Artificial Colours

9. The secret - France Deep

10. Focus Now - Maya Jane Cole

11. Mo That Jazz – Chapham Shuffel

Get more Eman music at www.mixcloud.com/eric-eman-clark

Alex Callejo (Chicago) at 3 Degrees / 5 Magazine Typhoon Benefit - Episode 65
December 27, 2013 08:19 AM PST
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Alex Callejo is back with a powerful new mix with inspirational messages and the beats to back them up.  This is just a little taste of how the 3 Degrees / 5 Magazine party benefiting typhoon victims in the Philippines at Chicago's Primary sounded like earlier this month.  The party raised funds destined to Doctors without Borders, and featured the likes of Roy Davis Jr., Julius the Mad Thinker, FLX, Monna, Big Sexy, and Jeremiah Seraphine.

Here's what the invite looked like:

"Join us this Wednesday as we donate our time and positive energy to people who need it dearly – those effected by Typhoon Haiyan.  According to the BBC, more than 11.5 Million people have been effected by this super storm.  That is roughly twice the population of Chicago.  It is a disaster of staggering proportions.

A few weeks ago, Czarina Mirani of 5 Magazine posted an appeal on Facebook to organize an event that would benefit those effected. We were moved by her instinct to try to help those in need and we felt compelled to donate the proceeds of a night to this worthy cause.  Soon after offered to help, Roy Davis Jr., a DJ who needs no introduction, graciously donated his talent and time to the event. Longtime 3 Degrees member, Alex Callejo, will also be spinning and donating his time to support his fellow Filipinos.  Also, Tonic from the Chicago Tribe b-boy crew, herself a Filipina is donating her time as an event host.

Please join us on Wednesday at Primary and donate as much as you can spare at the door.  100% of the cover charge will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.  Click here for event details.

3 Degrees co-founder Jeremiah Seraphine has donated in the past to Doctors Without Borders, and recommended this charity to be the benefactor for the event."

DJ Henry Knowles (NYC) - The Salsa Project (Chihuahua) promo 11.30.13 - El Canario Hot Street Salsa Mix - Ep 64
November 29, 2013 11:24 AM PST
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It doesn't get much better than this! 

Legendary salsa DJ HENRY KNOWLES brings to Manila his decades of experience playing for the toughest, most discerning audiences.

After rocking the Manila Boracay Latin Dance Festival 2013 for the last week, Knowles dusts the sand off his record rack and brings this Philippines trip to a euphoric climax. Where else but at Chihuahua!

Special thanks to organizers Ana Palma, Michael Wisniewski, and their "A" team that made the Latin Festival such a success. You've put our country on the map guys!

Now caballeros, brush up on those moves. Ladies, pick out the sexiest dress you've got and line up those dance shoes. This is gonna be one for the books!!!


Saturdays at Chihuahua Mexican Grill
7838 Makati Avenue, Manila, Philippines

Salsa Fanatics Entertainment
Free dance lesson at 10:30pm


Admired as the DJ’s DJ, Henry Knowles, known as the world’s top Latin music DJ, spins a tension-building beat, filling dancers with ánimo. With la clave in his heart and the music in his veins, his passion for Latin culture and music translate in his work, making this very special disc jockey's mixing abilities unmatched and respected worldwide. His breadth of knowledge about all music and its history combined with his versatile music library and ability to read his audience, creates un ambiente caliente and has made Henry the Salsa community's most beloved disc jockey.

Born in New York City’s ‘Spanish Harlem’ and of Puerto Rican descent, Henry's love for the music that makes his blood flow was born during family parties in New York City and childhood summers in Puerto Rico. It is here on this tropical island and in the clubs of New York City where he found his soul and learned to dance Salsa. A dancer, practically all his life—"My heart beats on clave" —he is known to hold his own on the dance floor and understands how to honor and inspire a Salsero, but can cater to any non-salsa audience as well.  Henry has worked as a disc jockey, video DJ, master of ceremonies, sound engineer and promoter in major nightclubs and venues around the world throughout the span of his career.  He spreads the beat and his love for Salsa rhythms on a global scale in what could be touted as Salsa evangelism!  His extensive travels include appearances in over 47 countries and 350 cities & islands throughout the United States, Canada, Caribbean, European Regions, Mediterranean, Middle East, Mexico, Central and South America and even Asia. He believes his travels are an opportunity to share his skills, talents and experience with aspiring disc jockeys. Henry has held workshops, sharing with his comrades how he works the floor and the latest and most effective mixing techniques.

Aside from producing events, shows, song remixes and productions, Henry tours the world working with the most important names in the Latin music industry. His background includes promotional work for major recording labels, such as BMG, WEA, RMM, for artists such as; Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Christina Aguilera, Juan Gabriel and representation of artists such as; Marc Anthony, Ruben Blades, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Grupo Mania and currently the legendary New Swing Sextet, for which Henry is executive producer of their 2009 Grammy Nominated CD release, titled “Back on the Streets… Taste Of Spanish Harlem Vol 2.” under the Cotique/Fania recording label and also executive producer behind the recent 2013 production  “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow”.

As the first official disc jockey for Salsa congresses held around the world; most notably the Bacardi World Salsa Congress, Henry is the consummate professional with more than 25 years of experience catering to the serious Latin music lover, but can also cater to any audience as he can program a mixed format of pretty much any genre. He has created remixes and compilations for the RMM recording label, including the popular Bacardi Salsa Congress compilation, which is still sold in record stores around the world. Some recognitions and awards include: LaMusica.com Recognition Award (Copacabana, NY 2001), Andy Award (Puerto Rico 2002), Top Int’l DJ Award (UK 2003), Lifetime Achievement Award (Los Angeles, CA 2003), Latin Beat Magazine Honoree “Siempre Salsa Fest” (NYC 2003, 2005, 2006) & Int’l Salsa Ambassador Recognition (Eilat, Israel 2006)… just to name a few.

Henry has worked with movie premieres for Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony, fund raisers & corporate events for organizations such as Goya Foods, Aspira, Cielo Latino, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Roberto Cavalli, Latin Grammys, Latina Magazine, Bacardi and NY Lincoln Center…  just to name a few.

He has played for audiences as large as 20,000 persons in attendance.
For over twenty years, Henry has promoted and hosted some of NYC’s biggest Latin dance parties, including the famous “Salsa Mondays”, which was recognized as New York City’s hottest Salsa dance party by Time Out NY for over seven years. Live Latin music was featured every Monday for over eleven years and frequented by Salsa music lovers from all over the world.  Some acts featured include names such as: Johnny Pacheco, Spanish Harlem Orch. with Ruben Blades, Andy Montañez, Larry Harlow, Azuquita, Lebron Brothers, Johnny Colon & New Swing Sextet…to name a few.  Also frequented regularly by some celebrities such as dear friends Vanessa Williams, John Leguizamo, Luiz Guzman, etc…

See you on the dance floor

Photo caption: DJ Henry Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony

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